KBIS 2019 in the United States

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On February 15, 2019, we started our trip to KBIS 2019 in the United States. The American colleagues have made the reception arrangements, and the next day, we successfully arrived in Las Vegas.

Due to the tight time and heavy task, under the leadership of Mr. Liu, we began to work on exhibition arrangement. Exhibition space is limited, our products need staff to move, we took pains, finally in a short time to complete the task of exhibition arrangement. Waiting for the opening of the exhibition on February 19th.

During the exhibition, due to our booth and exhibits set up new, highlight, to visit the guests stream. We have received more than 1,000 guests, including buyers from major supermarkets in the United States, buyers from e-commerce platforms, our long-term customers, builders and dealers. Through this exhibition, we have won the recognition of customers with our high-quality products, and many customers are looking forward to establishing a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with the company.


After the exhibition, we went to Los Angeles to visit AM and FD guests. Through the understanding of their hot-selling products and operation mode as well as the detailed communication with the customers, we realized our shortcomings and the customers' more specific requirements, which provided good conditions for better service to the customers in the future.

We came to the American company, visited the new central warehouse, and visited the RDC of LOWES. At the same time, we went to each supermarket to actually understand the products they sold, and did full research on the details, design, positioning and suppliers of each product.

Through 12 days of exhibition and study in the United States. We recognize the need for development, but also see our own shortcomings. The conscientious working attitude of American colleagues is also worth learning from us. I believe that with our efforts, our business will develop better and better, and bestview will have a better future!